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March 4, 2020
March 4, 2020

e recommend to use taxi apps such as Yandex.Go, Gettaxi.

Compared to other taxi services, these two options are by far the cheapest and easiest ways to get around Saint Petersburg.
Having the app installed on your phone will save you from the hustle of bargaining with the drivers and struggling to pronounce the tricky Russian addresses.
Using mobile apps opposed to waving a car down on the street will guarantee you a safe travel experience.

What About Uber?

The commonly used Uber App currently doesn't work in Russia.
There is an Uber Russia app, but it can only be downloaded if you have a local sim card. Anyway, Uber Russia is a part of Yandex company now.

Cash or Card?

While using Yandex or Get tapps you can choose to pay in cash upon arrival and have the option not to attach your bank card.
Also, not all foreign bank cards are recognized for cash-free payments through the apps, therefore keeping a small amount of cash on your person would be best way of payment.
Apps make it easy by providing you with the exact price for your journey.

When to order?

Few taxi cars have official signs on them, therefore search for your car based on the details provided by the app: color, brand, plate number. Most of the drivers don’t speak English.
Once you’ve ordered, it takes about 5-10 minutes for a taxi to arrive in the city center. So, it’s better to order a taxi when you are ready to go.


During navigation season in Saint Petersburg (April - November) drawbridges in the city are raised up and are therefore unpassable for several hours during the night.
In such eventuality, taxi drivers may choose to use special toll road to get to the correct side of the river. Normally tolls are paid by the customer, the driver should inform you if there is an extra toll fee applied.

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