Secret Bars and Restaurants in Saint Petersburg

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September 12, 2020
September 12, 2020

1. El Copitas

In 2018 and 2019 El Copitas was listed in the World’s 50 Best Bars. Authentic Mexican ambience, extraordinary service, great Mexican food, rare spirits and superb cocktails.

This bar, hidden in a secluded courtyard, opens only three days a week (Thursday to Saturday) and requires advance booking via Facebook.

2. Apteka

This secret Indian restaurant looks like an old-fashioned pharmacy with an intimate and mysterious atmosphere.

It is quite a challenge to get here. First book the table and go to “Biblioteka” Restaurant. As soon as you are there, enter the bathroom on the 3d floor and knock on the last door. Tell your name and get in to enjoy delicious Indian meals and original alcoholic shots served in test-tubes.


3. Apotheke Bar

Not to be confused with the previous one! “Apotheke bar” (translates as ‘Pharmacy’) is located in an area full of bars, close to Dumskaya street. You can identify it by the red cross near the entrance. The bar does not offer food, but there is a wide range of spirits and customized cocktails.


4. Gin Tonic

Hidden in the courtyard close to Nevsky prospect, this bar has an easygoing atmosphere and friendly English-speaking staff. As you can guess from the name, the bar offers a wide selection of gin-based cocktails with a large number of gin brands to choose from.


Image credit: gintonicbar_spb

5. Kabinet Bar

This bar describes itself as a “Secret cocktail society”. There you can dive into the atmosphere of a closed casino from the 1930s. Discrete entrance, poker tables and playing cards with descriptions of the cocktails. Advance booking is required.


6. Flat #8

This big stylish restaurant has different areas: a living room where you can enjoy great food and drinks, a cozy tearoom and a cabinet for private meetings.

In order to enter Flat #8 you need to make a booking and get your own key. Taking a photo in the old-fashioned bathroom is a must.


7. Big Wine Freaks

Live DJ music and a great choice of wine including biodynamic and organic ones.

The bar is located on the territory of a former factory, so make sure to ask for clear directions when booking.


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