Russian Fashion, Let's go retro!

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April 12, 2020
April 12, 2020

In this article we will discuss authentic Russian garments and accessories that can spice up your fashion look. Not clothes by local designers, but accessories that originated as parts of traditional Russian costumes and that can be still worn nowadays complementing your outfit with an unusual vintage look. Surely you have heard of the “ushanka” - a traditional Russian winter hat, to give you an example.

1. Orenburg Shawls

Orenburg shawl is one of the symbols of Russian handicraft. It is made of a special blend of silk and thin goat fiber. Hand-made knitting is so fine that even a large Orenburg shawl can be pulled through a wedding ring. This elegant and soft garment can decorate a dress, costume or even a home clothing and will definitely keep you warm during winter.

Shop: Orenburg Shawls

Location: Vladimirsky Passage shopping mall |19, Vladimirsky pr., Saint Petersburg

2. Telnyashka (“Sailor Shirt”)

Telnyashka is a striped undershirt that is a part of a military uniform of Russian Navy and Russian Airborne Troops. This sailor shirt can be long sleeved or just a tank top with dark blue or black stripes alternating with white ones.

There are many ways to use telnyashka in your fashion look: tuck it in your jeans, wear it with your career apparel or even combine with an elegant floor-length skirt.

You can buy a telnyashka in the military shop chain Voentorg.

3. Enamel Brooches and Earrings

Enamel brooch, traditionally manufactured in a city of Rostov, is a real piece of art that you can wear as an accessory. The painting technique is similar to the one that is applied to porcelain: it requires several rounds (up to seven) of thermal treatment. Originally, enamels were used to decorate church utensils and icons but nowadays you can find beautiful enamel pins, necklaces or earrings that would go perfectly with your favourite dress.

4. Russian Scarves

In the last few years, Russian shawls and scarves with bright flower patterns have become trendy. The most famous ones are traditionally manufactured in the small town of Pavlovo Posad. Back in the old days, this garment was part of a folk costume, today it can be easily incorporated into a modern look. Scarves are made of natural materials: wool, cotton or silk.

Shop: Pavloposadskye platki (Shawls from Pavlovo Posad)

Location: Vosstanya street, 13 or Nevsky pr. 87/2

Check Instagram account . Worldwide shipment is available.

5. Valenki (Felted boots)

Valenki is a traditional footwear that is strongly associated with Russian culture. No shoes will keep your feet so warm. Valenki are made of felted wool and are resistant to cold temperatures, up to thirty - forty degrees below zero. Nowadays designers try to give valenki a modern look making them in different colours and decorating with embroidery and crystals.

Valenki shop

Location: 52, Nekrasova str., Saint Petersburg


6. Ushanka (A Winter Hat With Ear Flaps)

Of course, we couldn’t overlook ushanka as it is one of the most stereotypical “Russian things”. Ushanka is a fur hat with ear flaps that can be tied up. Along with valenki this traditional hat will protect you even in extremely cold weather.

7. Matryoshka Jewelry and Accessories

If you are looking for something modern, go for the Matryoshka brand. It is a Russian jewelry and accessories brand that uses Matryoshka silhouette (“Russian doll”) as its design signature. This stylish jewelry is produced with pure silver or gold with use of natural Baltic amber and bright enamel.

Bright colours and contemporary designs make it look really cool. As a souvenir Matryoshka jewelry will remind you of a lovely Russian trip and compliment your fashion look unlike the real “Russian doll” that will, most probably, end up forgotten on the shelf.

Matryoshka shop's location: Saint Petersburg, ul. Dekabristov, 28 Free worldwide shipping and free express shipping in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Many of the enlisted items can be found in souvenir shops or street markets during the summer season. One of the most popular souvenir markets is in front of the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood.

Note of warning: Pickpockets love targeting such markets, so be weary of your belongings.

Location: 2, Griboedov Channel Embankment, St. Petersburg

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