From the Airport to St. Petersburg

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February 8, 2020
February 8, 2020

From the Airport to the City Center

By Public Transport 

Step 1

Once you’re out of the airport look for city buses №39, 39Ex or a minibus K39. They will all take you to Moskovskaya Metro, which is the nearest subway station.

(Price- 50 Rub; duration of trip - 35 minutes). Buses run every day from 05:30 am until 01:30 am.


Take the subway from Moskovskaya Metro station to the city center (Price - 55 Rub, duration of trip - 30 min). Metro trains start running form 5:45 am until 12:00 am.

If you arrive late at night when the metro is closed, it is better to take a taxi.

Keep in mind that some of the roads might be closed at night during the navigation period. This is when the drawbridges lift up to let big cargo ships pass through the river.
It starts in April and ends in November.

By Taxi

Taxi Pulkovo is the only official taxi of the airport. It will cost you approximately 1000 Rub to get to the city center. See the map with exact prices here.
“TaxiPulkovo” desk is located on the 1st floor of the airport building, in the Arrival shall in front of the exit. The staff will give you a form with your car details (colour and its plate number) and explain where the car is parked.

You can pay by either card or in cash at the desk, or in cash to the driver when-you get to your point of destination.
Most of the drivers don’t speak English. If you prefer an English speaking driver - choose Business class, which will certainly be more expensive.
Please do not to use illegal taxis to avoid the risk of getting overcharged and other frustrating situations. Make sure you order a taxi at the official desk.



Lingotaxi another reliable taxi service. It will cost you 1750 Rub to get to any part of the city (economy class). You can order the car online in advance and the driver will be expecting you at the Arrivals hall with a name board. One of their advantages is that their drivers all speak English. Your flight status will be tracked and no additional costs is applied in case of delay.
You can pay in advance by card or in cash upon arrival. It is possible to pay in USD, EUR or RUB.

YandexGo App

YandexGo is a mobile application that you can download prior to your arrival. It is the cheapest taxi option.
The ride will costs you around 700 RUB to the city center. However, it might be complicated to find the car in the airport parking lot. The drivers usually don’t speak English.

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t use services of random taxi drivers that approach you in the airport. It can be dangerous.

Useful Phrases:

This is the address
Это адрес
Eto adres


How much is it?
Сколько стоит?
Skolko stoit?


Per car or per person?  
За машину или c человека?
Za mashinu ili s cheloveka?


Can I pay by card?
Могу заплатить картой?
Mogu zaplatit’ kartoy?


Where is my change?
Где моя сдача?
Gde moya sdacha?

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