8 Romantic Things to Do in Saint Petersburg

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December 5, 2020
December 5, 2020

1. Night Cruise on a Private Boat

You can surprise your loved one by booking a private boat just for the two of you. Buy a bottle of champagne before sailing off and enjoy a 1.5 hour tour around Saint Petersburg rivers and canals with spectacular drawbridges raising at the end. The prices start form 130$.

NOTE: Every night during navigation period (from April until October), drawbridges of Saint Petersburg are raised to let the ships pass through river Neva. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Many people are gathering on the embankments to witness drawbridges raising. Witnessing this unique spectacle from a private boat will make this experience truly romantic and intimate.

A boat in Saint Petersburg at night

2. Make a Wish at the Seven Bridges

If you prefer to hide from the tourist crowds, go to the spot called The Seven Bridges (“Semimostie”). Take a pleasant walk up from the Mariinsky theatre towards the place where you can see 7 bridges at once. Spot all the bridges and make a wish. It’s also a great spot to propose to your loved one!

3. Music at the Palace Square

A simple way to set a romantic mood is to go to the Palace square late in the evening. Stunning view of the Hermitage and street performers playing music will certainly do the magic.

If you would rather listen to music indoors, choose one of the places with live music, for example, 48 Chairs, The Hat Jazz bar or JFC

4. Romantic Walk in the Central Yacht Club

Escape the city center and stroll down the waterfront overlooking yachts and boats. Come around to the restaurant Parusa (“The Sails”) for some food and cocktails. It is a great spot to enjoy the sunset and feel the sea breeze.

Yacht club in Saint Petersburg

5. Picnic at the Park of 300 Years Anniversary

Park of 300 Years Anniversary has a beach that is a perfect place for a picnic.

Take everything you need: drinks and snacks, blanket to sit on and a small speaker to play music. Relax, enjoy the view and discuss your impressions of the day.

Gazprom tower at night

6. Romantic Dinner

If you prefer a candlelight dinner to a city walk, there is a big variety of restaurants in Saint Petersburg. There are restaurants with panoramic views and live music, restaurants “with a history” as well as new trendy places, restaurants with Russian, European or Asian cuisine. Such variety makes it difficult to choose, but we’d recommend to try out Palkin, Severyanin, The Flying Dutchman or Cherdak Khudozhnika (“The Artist’s Attic”).

7. Salsa Open-Airs in Saint Petersburg

For those who are dancing through life, practicing salsa and bachata on the Spit of Vasilevskiy Island can be a fantastic experience.

Every Friday and Saturday evening, you can watch a group of people dancing salsa by the Rostral column with an amazing view of the bridges and Peter and Paul Fortress. Even if you have only basic dancing skills, you are welcome to join.

The dancing season lasts from May until September.

8. Sunrise on a SUP Board

If you love sunrises, there is a very special way to meet the dawn in Saint Petersburg. It is also a unique way to explore the historical center of the city, to see it from a different perspective.

Image credit: www.sup-school.ru

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