On the Trail of
Russian Revolution

The Museum of Political History of Russia

The mansion where the museum is based, belonged to the famous ballerina Mathilda Kschessinskaya and later was occupied by revolutionary organizations. Nowadays it is a great interactive museum where you can learn interesting facts about Russian revolution and the USSR times.

Location: 2-4, Kuibysheva str.

The Field of Mars

Cross Troitskiy Bridge and walk to the Field of Mars. It’s a big square and ceremonial burial place for victims of the revolution and civil war in Russia. In the middle of this green space, there is a monument devoted to the Fighters of the Revolution. The eternal flame was lit up to commemorate the heroes and victims of wars and revolutions.

The Big House (“Bolshoy Dom”)

This building currently occupied by FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia) was constructed for the secret police of Soviet Union as a prison for those who were against the regime. It became one of the most terrifying places in the city, especially during the Great Purge under Joseph Stalin. Hence the nickname “The Big House”.

Location: 2, Liteyniy pr.

Cruiser Aurora

Move to Robespierre embankment. Across the river, you can see the famous Cruiser Aurora, the symbol of the October Revolution 1917. The cruiser is famous for a blank shot that became a signal for revolutionaries to storm the Winter Palace.

Finlyandsky Railway Station

Finlyandsky Railway Station is on the opposite side of the river from the Robespierre embankment. In April 1917 Vladimir Lenin arrived here by train from Germany to start the October Revolution. This event was commemorated by the statue of Lenin in front of the station. Lenin stands on the top of an armored car, which he used as a tribune.

Monument to the Victims of Political Repressions

Do not miss out on the most striking monumentsof the city! The two sphinxes have faces with two sides: one side resembles abeautiful face, the other one is a scary skull. On the pedestals, you can readlines by Russian poets that are dedicated to the political repressions.

Location: Voskresenskaya embankment

Smolny Institute

In 1917 this building was occupied by theWorkers’ and Soldiers’ deputies. Here the victory of Socialist Revolution wasofficially declared and the first Soviet government was formed.Before 1917 Smolny Institute was a school fornoble maidens. It was a prestigious school for girls, the first educationalinstitution for women established in Russia.

Location: 1, Smolny proezd